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Winner of our previous monthly photo contest, Joanna Rogala from Poland, decided that theme for our next monthly photo contest will be “The Symbol”.

This theme is very wide and gives you an opportunity to show us your imagination to the maximum. This is a perfect chance to explore conceptual child photography in more depth. We communicate through the use of symbols all the time. Lines that form letters, words, or musical notes are symbols. A photograph is a symbol. Symbolism can be a powerful aid in photography. Photography is a sign language. Learn to recognize and use the signs to your advantage. Symbols are not absolute terms. In this contest, we would like to see:

Color Associations

For example blue represents: sky, sea, heaven, spirituality,

Green represents: nature, earth, vegetation,

Red represents: emotions, fire, anger, heat etc

Common Symbols

The dark – Time before existence, chaos, and the shadow world

Duality – Opposites, complements, and pairing

An eye – Intelligence, creativeness.

Light – Creative force, the direction East, and spiritual thought.

General Symbols

Cosmic symbols : Zodiac, ying yang

Commercial symbols: International road signs, and logos such as Apple, Nike etc.

Religious symbols, such as the Buddha, the Cross, and the Star of David

Patriotic and political symbols: Flags, the eagle etc

Participate in the “The Symbol” Monthly Photo Contest by Child Photo Competition for and give exposure to your photography.

Submitted photographs can be both: black and white or color. Please submit only one photo for this contest.

Photographs submitted to our Monthly Contest can be with or without watermark. In case you submit watermarked images, please place them tastefully so the photograph can be in focus and tell a story, not a logo. Photographers who are participating in the contest must be aware that winner and finalist will receive amazing exposure and their work might be published and promoted by third parties (various international magazines and daily newspapers).

The Winner will have a task to set the next theme for our monthly themed photo contest!

For a chance to win, show us something fresh and unique. Children on submitted photographs must be between 0-17 years old.

Image Specification: 72dpi, up to 1024px longest side, up to 400kb.

Joanna Rogala Photography

Theme: “The Symbol”
Closing Deadline: March 30th, 2016
Submission Fee: FREE
Prize: Winning images will be featured on our Social Medias: Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest, Instagram
Announcing Winners: April 1st, 2016
Photo Credit: Joanna Rogala

How to Enter
Simply submit your in a form bellow. Please submit only one image per free contest.

How to Win
The person who best matches the contest theme will be the winner. Winners are chosen by the Child Photo Competition team.

By submitting images, you give Child Photo Competition display images on ChildPhotoCompetition.com and social medias, and use your image in promoting ChildPhotoCompetition.com. Images submitted to Free Photo Contest can be watermarked, but please try not to put the watermark over the entire image so it can maintain visual quality.

Spread the good news
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Image Specification: 72dpi, up to 1024px longest side, up to 400kb.