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Ask a scientist and you’ll get a reply based on physics: “Black is not a color, white is a color.” Ask an artist or a child with crayons and you’ll get another: “Black is a color, white is not a color.” This time, we want you to send us the creative child photographs using white for successful storytelling. White can be easily synonym for pure, light and all the brights but in the same way synonym for cold, moody, pale. This is a very wide and creative subject, so we will help by giving you a fair amount of synonyms to inspire you and give you ideas for this theme project: pale, milky, ivory, light, clean, bleached, achromatic, blank, bloodless, silver, chalky, neutral, immaculate, innocent, empty, bright, light-haired, frosted, faded, Albino, angelic, milky, creamy, flour, vanilla etc.

We cannot wait to see all your great photographs! Feel free to open your mind, play with the light and show us your very best photos from this project! The best photographs will be featured in “WHITE WINNING GALLERY” next month and promoted on our social media pages!

Photographs submitted to “White” Monthly Photo Contest can be with or without watermark. In case you submit watermarked images, please place them tastefully so the photograph can be in focus and tell a story, not a logo. Photographers who are participating in the contest must be aware that winner and finalist will receive amazing exposure and their work might be published and promoted by third parties (various international magazines and daily newspapers).

The Winner will have a task to set the next theme for our monthly themed photo contest and will be the guest judge (optional).

For a chance to win, show us something fresh and unique. Children on submitted photographs must be between 0-17 years old.

Image Specification: JPEG, 72dpi, up to 1024px longest side, up to 450kb.

New monthly photo contest - Theme "WHITE"

Theme: “WHITE”
Closing Deadline: June 30th, 2017
Submission Fee: FREE
Prize: Winning images will be featured on our Social Medias: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
Announcing Winners: July 4th, 2017
Photo Credit: Mariola Glajcar

How to Enter
Simply submit your photograph in a form bellow. Please submit only one image per free contest.

How to Win
The person who best matches the contest theme will be the winner. Winners are chosen by the Child Photo Competition team.

By submitting images, you give Child Photo Competition display images on ChildPhotoCompetition.com and social medias, and use your image in promoting ChildPhotoCompetition.com. Images submitted to Free Photo Contest can be watermarked, but please try not to put the watermark over the entire image so it can maintain visual quality.

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