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Photographers, professional and non-professionals, from anywhere around the world, are invited to participate in CHILD PHOTO COMPETITIONS.

See our page OPEN COMPETITIONS to find our more about rules, judges, fees and prizes for each competition.

CHILD PHOTO COMPETITION is open to professional and amateur photographers, using traditional or digital methods.  We encourage emotionally strong images, new creative ideas and photographers with artistic eye.

Digital images and images made on film or wet plate are welcome, as well as digitally manipulated images.

Employees of  CHILD PHOTO COMPETITION are not allowed to enter. Judges are not permitted to enter into any competition in which they are a member of the judging panel, but judges are welcome to participate in other competitions in which they have no direct involvement.

CHILD PHOTO COMPETITIONS are not valid in any countries, states or provinces where rules translation, registration or bonding are required, and are non-valid where prohibited.

Further eligibility criterias such as age- and country-restrictions may apply. Please see specific competition’s call-for-entry in our OPEN COMPETITIONS listing for further details.

False declarations with respect to your professional status or eligibility for a competition will result in you being stripped of any awards and prizes won for that competition.