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Sumit Dua was born in India and moved to the United States at the age of 10. Later in life, he developed a love for photography. A spontaneous trip through India during 2004 sparked a passion for traveling and photographing the people, places and landscapes of this beautiful, colorful country. In 2008, Sumit spent seven weeks discovering his beloved birthplace. Sumit’s other hobbies include magic, technology, and business. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he continues to capture the beauty of this dynamic, fastpaced, multicultural state.

Sumit Dua has traveled and photographed Turkey, India, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Hawaii, Korea, New Orleans, San Diego, New York, Los Angeles, China, Chicago, Canada, and Washington DC.


Photo by Sumit Dua
"Amazement" by Sumit Dua
Photo by Sumit Dua
"Walking the rope" by Sumit Dua

“Some cultures believe that the soul can be captured into a camera. Though we know that a camera cannot capture souls, my intent is to capture the essence of the soul of my subjects. Whether it is landscape, a person, or an object, I aim to allow the viewer to glimpse into something deeper and more beautiful than what may appear to the eye. If an image achieves this worthwhile pursuit, then it is successful.”

"Dove handler" by Sumit Dua

Sumit’s view of the world is raw, yet beautiful, full of almost forgotten real life moments. He reminds us of raw human motions: pain, happiness, joy, suffering which is quite refreshing is modern photography where is so easy to slip into the artificial and simulated world.

"Aged Eyes" by Sumit Dua

He has been travelling around the world capturing childhood of many kids as it is without judgment never missing the freeze the realness of the moment.

Through his work, we are faced with all sides of human reality: all the beauty and all the struggle. Just as life it is. Full of duality.

"Uncontrained Excaitment" by Sumit Dua



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