Inspiring Monday | Week 1

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Dear Photographers, every Monday we will feature some of the most inspiring child photography in the world. Trough our contests and blog posts we are celebrating the art of child photography and discover some of the most talented photographers.

if you would like to submit your own work to possibly be featured on our blog, please e-mail us at Subject: FEATURE ME. The other way how you can submit your art work is to like our Facebook Page and post your photographs on our wall.

Photographs need to be in 72dpi, at least 700px longest side. If you want to be featured on our blog, photographs you submit can have a watermark. If you want to participate in one of our contests, please submit images without watermark because we practice “blind judging” where judging panel is not aware of any information about a photographer.

Sue Bryce
sue bryce

Berit Alits
Berit Alits-Standing-With-The-Wind

Daniil Kontorovich

Alina Mayboroda

Elena Gromova-Kal`minskaya
Elena Gromova-Kal`minskaya

Lisa Holloway


Magdalena Berny

Karolina Henke
Karolina Henke


Three Nails Photography
Three Nails Photography

foto Sophie Rata

Elena Kalis

Anna Shakina
Anna Shakina Photographer

Vladimir Zotov
01-Vldimir Zotov

Javi Inchusta
Javi Inchusta

Ekatarina Efremova
Ekatarina Efremova

Aaron Karnovski
Aaron Karnovski

Claudio Napolitano

Erik Drigny


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