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Inspiring Monday | Week 21

the most talented child photographers in the world
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Dear Photographers,

Welcome to the world of the best Child Photography in the world! This is Inspiring Monday Vol 21 and following photographs stole our heart!

Here, at CHILD PHOTO COMPETITION we cherish uniqueness, art and talent and we will be more than happy to promote and award the best of the best! Avoid cliches and stand out. Celebrate with us the art of Child Photography.

For a chance to be featured in Inspiring Monday, you can submit your work by posting on our Facebook Page or joining to our Flickr Group. This is a great chance for every photographer to be featured in front of the big audience!

Don’t forget to enter our Contests and win amazing prizes!

Currently Open:

1. B&W CHILD PHOTO CONTEST – 1st Half Online Photo Competition in B&W Child Photography – Cash Prize $500 and much more!

2. NEWBORNS 2014 – Second Annual Photo Contest in Newborn Photography – Cash Prize $500 and much more!

3. CLOSE-UP – Themed, monthly (free to enter) Photo Contest.


“Barn Dance” by Caroline Jensen
barn dance (painting)

“Untitled” by Karina Kiel

“Untitled” by Anna Chobotova

“Wind” by Summer Lee

“Reddition” by Christine Lebrasseur

“Untitled” by brian.ingram

“Unreal” by Bastien HAJDUK

“Untitled” by Melanie Weyer

“Right in the face” by Erica Montgomery

“1/52: Time” by Tamara Lara
1/52: Time

“Untitled” by SemiCharmedLife (☯)

“Monster 2” by milani.april

“A Tall Tale” by Tracy Williams
A Tall Tale

“The Showdown” by Julie Daniels
The Showdown

“And the beat goes on” by Creative-Snaps
And the beat goes on

“Untitled” by Alex Sumner Photography

“Wild Thing” by Robin Chavez Photography

“Untitled” by Spark Studio Photography

“Avis” by Dina Haggerty Photography

“Untitled” by Tytia Habing Photography

Day 130 – 365Project by Øystein Günther
Day 130 - 365Project

“Nattis” by Monnika M

“Thoughtful” by Edyta Pekala

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