Interview with Anna Ajtner– 1st Place in The Portrait Category at B&W CHILD 2016, First Half

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We are happy to welcome once again an amazing photographer Anna Ajtner! Anna is taking part in B&W CHILD PHOTO COMPETITION for the last 3 years and her work has been well noticed by our judges every single time. In 2014, Anna took the First Place in The Conceptual and Photo Manipulation Category with her photograph “Birds” and this year she took The First Place in The Portrait Category in The First Half Of B&W CHILD 2016.

Q: First of all, we want to congratulate one more time for achieving incredible success on B&W CHILD PHOTO COMPETITION 2016!  You took the 1st place in the Portrait Category! Are you surprised?

A: Yes, I am! Once again, it’s a nice surprise.

Anna Ajtner Winner In The Portrait Category B&W CHILD 2016
“The Horse Whisperer” by Anna Ajtner – 1ST place in The Portrait Category | B&W CHILD 2016, First Half

Q: You were one of our Category Winners in 1st Annual Photo Competition B&W CHILD in 2014. You won The First Place in The Conceptual and Photo Manipulation Category.  How does it feel to be among the winners after 2 years and competing for The Grand Prize of 1000 EUR this year?

A: It seems like it was the last year, but it was actually back in 2014. It’s a great feeling for me and my daughter, it’s a proof  that we are a close-knit team. She is older now and much more understanding, and of course we will give our best to get GP and the main prize.

“Birds” by Anna Ajtner, Poland – 1ST PLACE IN THE CONCEPTUAL & PHOTO MANIPULATION CATEGORY | B&W CHILD 2014, Second Half
“Birds” by Anna Ajtner – 1ST place in The Conceptual & Photo Manipulation Category | B&W CHILD 2014, Second Half

Q: We noticed you moved to The Netherlands in the meantime. How is your “new life” in the foreign country and how does it influence your work?

A:  I’ve been there many times in my childhood. We have a family here, my mom’s sister has already been living in The Netherlands for about 20 years. Generally, I like changes. However, it was a new challenge for us to accept. Sandra mastered the Dutch language excellently while I’ve found it much more difficult. I’m having a lot of fun with learning new words. One thing that is different is that we do not have as much time to photograph as we had before, so we try to do fewer but more refined photographs.  I’m learning a principle called canon, characteristic light and poses in portraits. I also visit a lot of photo exhibitions and I tend to meet local photographers. There are many new experiences here!

Anna Ajtner Interview

Q: In the interview we done in 2014, we had a chance to hear more about you and your daughter Sandra. Can you tell us what’s new in your life since then? How is Sandra? We see she is still your muse.

A: She is my little star. Sandra is growing up, but she still varies between a child and a girl. We’ve moved to the Netherlands last year and she has finished the first year in a Dutch school.  She speaks Dutch perfectly!

Anna Ajtner Interview

Anna Ajtner Interview

 Q: How did your degree in painting influence your work?

A: I rarely paint anything. I rather try to involve my painting experience and a sense of color when it comes down to  my photography.

Anna Ajtner Interview

Q: What drew you to photography and at what point during University did you know that it was what you wanted to pursue?

A: Photography had become a fascination of mine in an art school…. Many years ago. It was my quiet love, and at that point I knew that photography will stick with me for my entire life.

Anna Ajtner Interview

Q: Can you tell us your favorites (photographs and photographers) from The First Half of B&W CHILD 2016?

A: Alicja Brodowicz, Olga Ageeva and Kelly Tyack!

Q: Do you have your own personal favorite photograph taken by you? Why that image?

A: I really like the one that took 3rd place in The Silhouette Category. I love the atmosphere of this image!

Little girl and cat
“Rest” by Anna Ajtner – 3RD place in The Silhouette Category | B&W CHILD 2016, First Half

Q: Where do you seek inspiration?

A: Inspiration is a moment in life – unique and unrepeatable. I am really happy to be able  to capture it with my camera.

Anna Ajtner

Anna Ajtner Interview

Q: What do you struggle with the most?

A: I’m doing everything manually. So I’m happy when I menage to get the perfect setting.

Anna Ajtner Interview

Q: What advice can you give to the emerging photographers?

A: Be honest with yourself…

Anna Ajtner Interview

Q: What have you learnt about life while doing photography?

A: Life consists of moments, save them and record them. You have to learn to love life and accept it the way it is, so you can enjoy your life to the fullest and see the magic in front of you. Sun is not always shining, but after every storm it will shine again for sure!

Anna Ajtner Interview


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