Interview with Summer K Photography – 1st Place in The Fine Art Category on B&W Child Photo Competiton

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Summer Kellogg is a very talented American photographer who won the 1st place in the Fine Art Category in The First Half of B&W Child Photo Contest. You can see all the results of the First Half here.

She is very passionate about photography and her family. In this interview, Summer talks about her artistic process, being a mother of 3 youngsters, business owner and how she felt when she found out she won the 1st Place in The Fine Art Category on B&W Child Photo Contest!

"Before The Storm" by Summer Kellogg
“Before The Storm” by Summer Kellogg – 1st Place in The Fine Art Category

Q: Hi, Summer! First of all, congratulations on Winning the 1st Place in The Fina Art Category on B&W Child Photo Competition! Can you please start off by telling us a little about yourself?

A: Sure.  I am a wife, mother to 3, runner and blogger living in rural Ohio.

Q: How long you are into photography? Can you tell us how your love affair with photography started? 

A: I began taking pictures about 4-years ago, shortly after unexpectedly losing my Mom. Realizing how fleeting life is, I had a passion for remembering, documenting, and capturing moments. Eventually, that turned into a longing to take pictures that ‘moved’ people, images that made people feel something.


Q: You are doing 365 project. Can you tell us what does it mean to you taking photographs every day?

A: I am currently shooting my 3rd year of a 365 project. I can honestly say it is the single most important step I have taken in improving my photography skills. The 365 project has forced me to keep my eyes open and looking for new opportunities as well as stretching my creativity to keep from becoming bored.

Q: How would you describe your work/style?

"Symmetry" by Summer K Photography
“Symmetry” by Summer K Photography

A:  This is a hard question.  Some might say a lot of my work is moody or dark, while others might say it is light and bright. More than anything, I try to keep my style honest and natural. Sometimes that is dark and sometimes that is light. My goal is to capture people as they are (whenever possible) and when I can incorporate large landscapes and vast scenes, even better.

“Post-soccer portrait” by Summer K Photography

Q: Are there any photographers you admire?

A: Yes, there are so many photographers I admire. The first names that come to mind are Anna Kuperberg and Kate T. Parker. Both have a very natural style with a unique artistic bend—I have such a deep admiration for the incredible work they do.

Q: What cameras and lenses can be found in your gear bag?

A: I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark III. I shoot primarily with a 50mm and a 70-200mm and sometimes an 85mm.


Q: What is the best advice you’ve received about photography or business over the years?

A: Don’t worry about what others are doing—just be who you are and shoot the way you shoot—the clients who want what you do will find you.

Q: Photography equals learning. Can you tell us how and where do you learn?

A: My favorite thing about photography is that the learning will never end.  I read a lot of books, take classes, and if I see something that I would like to learn—Google is often my friend.

Q: You work as a professional counselor, you are a photographer, mother of 3 kids and a wife. How do you find time for everything?

A: If you could see the crumbs on my kitchen floor and the unfolded laundry in baskets you would see I don’t have time for everything.  However, I am extremely fortunate to have a very supportive husband and children who understand my passion and stand fully behind it (and often in front of my camera). My husband and I made the joint decision just over a year ago to leave my counseling job to focus on photography. In a way, we see it as a family business, and everyone pitches in to make it work.

Q: Do your children love to be in front of the camera? How do you get them to model for you?

A: “Love” might be a strong word. It really just depends on the day and which child. I try, as much as possible, to capture them naturally just doing what they do. However, I am not above a well-planned bribe in order to get a shot. Chocolate goes a long way with our kids. For the most part, though, the camera has been such a part of their lives, they don’t really know anything different. I would imagine they assume that all mothers carry a camera with them all the time.

Q: What is your biggest challenge when photographing?

A: Trusting myself and keeping my nerves in check.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment as a photographer?

A: Starting my business, SummerK Photography.

Q: Your work has been well noticed by our Judges. Can you tell us how did you feel when you found out that you won the 1st Place in The Fine Art Category on B&W Child Photo Competition?

A: Shock. Honestly, I am still quite new in this field and when my work is noticed, I feel so humbled, honored, shocked, and very, very thankful.

Q: How important for every photographer is to participate in quality photography contests?

A: I think contests are a personal choice. However, I have found that growth most often comes with risk and vulnerability and contest require both. Whether a contest is a “win” or not, each one can be a part of an important growing process—a process that is so important for every artist.

Q: What is your message to other photographers?

A: Photography is a process—trust the process.



  1. Yay!! She puts emotion in an image and wows you with it all. I can never just look, I have to come back and think and look some more. She is the best!

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