Interview with Aga Tetera – The Winner of CPC Portrait Awards, September 2018

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Q: First of all, we want to congratulate you on winning our first contest on CPC Portrait Awards! How does it feel to be a winner?

A: Gosh, it’s amazing! I didn’t expect it. I’m so grateful that people like my work. Thank you so much!

Q: Can you tell more about the winning photograph “Black and White”? How did you create this photograph? What inspired you to create it?

A: The “Black and White” it’s part of my personal project I’ve have created in my mind a long time ago, it’s about love and acceptance, about all of us being equal, no religion, skin color, ethnicity can define who we really are and how other people will see/treat us.

Black and white by Aga Tetera
Winning Photograph “Black and White” by Aga Tetera


Q: We would like to hear more about you.  What is your background? Where do you live? How old are you? Do you do photography as a full-time job?

A: Oh with pleasure, I’m Aga, I’m 32 years old full-time photographer, I’m a mother of three ( two handsome boys and little, beautiful girl), I live in Leicester, the United Kingdom for last 14 years. I was born in Poland.

Photographer Aga Tetera
Aga Tetera behind the scene


Q: You are part of our community for a long time and we follow your work closely. You are known as a newborn photographer, so can you tell us more about your journey that includes exploring portraits and conceptual portraits?

A: Newborn photography it’s my main part of work, I enjoy working with babies so much. Each and every session brings joy and fulfillment. But to be fully fulfilled I need to do more for myself. Express me through photography.

Newborn photography by Aga Tetera

Fine art portrait as well as conceptual portraits its bit of my soul that I can express through my art.

Personal projects by Aga Tetera


Q: Do you have an official education in photography?

A: No, I don’t. Photography always was a passion. One day passion became my day job.

Q: Where and how do you learn photography?

A: I’m self-taught generally speaking. In later years in my career, I have taken some workshop to improve my skills and move forward.

Child photography by Aga Tetera

Q: How did you get your start in photography? What were some of the most important things you found along the way in relation to the development of your photography?

A: My photography started when my children were born. I was on maternity leave had some time to learn and practice. I was searching for fulfillment, wanted to be good at something, wanted to do something that will bring joy and excitement on every day basis, that will make me get up in the morning happy that I can actually go to work, excited about next day, planning along the sessions, creativity is a big part of it.

Newborn photography by Aga Tetera


Q: How would you define your photography in a few words?

A: This is the hard one. Creative, inspiring, expressing my soul.

Q: Who are your favorite photographers?

A: Oh, there is plenty. Newborn: Kelly Brown, Luisa Dunn, Natalie Leech, M&K Slowinscy and many more; Babies: Kath Vergara; Portrait I love Sujata Setia, Roberta Baneviciene, Paulina Duczman; Maternity: Natasha Ince, Alina Piotrowska, Monika Serek,  gosh there are so many super talented people who work I adore. This is just some.

Fine art portraits by Aga Tetera


Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: I think these days we are exposed to so many factors that have an influence on our work. I try to be as much unique as I possibly can. I love studying the art, painters, other people work is also an inspiration.


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Q: What about the equipment you use?

A: Oh, I’m a Canon girl. So my main body is Canon 5D Mark III. Studio lenses: Sigma Art 35mm 1.4f , sigma art 50mm 1.4f, Canon macro 100mm 2.8 IS II. Outdoor lenses: beloved 70-200mm 2.8 IS II and old friend – manual Helios 44.

Interview with Aga Tetera


Q: What about lightning?

A: In the studio, I work on the flashlight: Einstein by Paul Buff with 64″ parabolic umbrella. Outdoor, only natural light.

Babies by Aga Tetera


Q: What is your proudest moment as a photographer/artist?

A: The proudest moments? Definitely awards, the moment other people recognize your work without the label or description that it’s yours, appreciation, the moments when other follow photographers tell you that you are ” an inspiration to them”.


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Q: Do you have any advice to offer us fellow photographers and artists about photography?

A: Oh gosh, YES!

Follow your dreams, don’t let others define who you really are and who you will be in a few years’ time. Work hard, be persistent, be creative, enjoy what you do!


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Q: Can you share some of your favorite photographs from September Monthly Photo Contest at CPC Portrait Awards?

A: It’s so many of them I really like! Here are some: “Milla”, “Luna”, “Out of the ordinary”, “Apple Harvest”.

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