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Interview with Krzysztof and Maria Slowinski – The Winners of Monthly Contest CPC Portrait Awards, February 2020

Second Time Winners of our Monthly Photo Contest CPC Portrait Awards

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Q: Huge Congrats on winning our monthly contest! This is the second time you won our monthly contest CPC Portrait Awards! How does it feel?

A: it feels amazing! Even better than you may expect… We were at the workshops… Again same as the last time, when we got the notification,  CPC Has a special place in our hearts as a GREAT Source of inspiration from many talented photographers around the world, we still feel like not good enough to compete with all those artists 🙂 but it’s also a proof we are on the right path 🙂

Q: Can you share with us where did you get the idea/inspiration for your winning photo? We cannot wait to hear the story behind it!

A: We’ve seen it online years ago, can’t remember where but it got our attention, we had the blue seamless at the studio and at the end of Photo shoot with Nadia (girl from photo) Maria Looked at Nadia’s eyes and on the background and said let’s rip this background and stick her head through it 🙂 her eye color goes really well with that background, we are so lucky to have her, she’s our best friends daughter 🙂

MK Slowinski
WINNER - "Blue" by Maria Slowinska, Ireland

Q: How do you feel about the fact that you are possible trend-setters in the genre of child photography and that this winning photograph is already reproduced by other photographers?

A: Ammm that’s really big words 🙂 for people who feel very little but went far beyond the “where do you see yourself in 10yrs time” 🙂 the plan was simple being able to do what we love and never really work, while being able to provide for our family, it went much further than expected thanks to Maria’s creative mind… I can’t believe how sometimes something just clicks without any plan, during the photoshoot, she runs and picks up different, little things hidden at the studio and she puts them together to create impressive portrait… Out of nothing! With no plan… I’m forever amazed…

This was somewhat an inspired shot by someone else’s photo but we cannot remember who took it :-/

We believe there’s so much more to explore.. exactly in that simplicity… Can’t wait to see what else is waiting 🙂

MK Slowinski
"Button" by Krzysztof Maria Slowinski‎

Q: In our very first interview, we got a chance to find out more about you and your personal life. Can you share with us what have changed since then in your professional life?

A: We are very happy that we’ve managed to popularize portraits to our clients here in Ireland 🙂

Such portraits seem like something for photographers portfolio and less for clients while we get more and more bookings of such 🙂

What we love about it, is that our clients trust us and give us 100% freedom on what we want to do 🙂 What else can you expect? We would do it for ourselves anyway… For the pleasure of creating, capturing something important for our clients at the same time is a total win win situation! There’s also a plan… Big plan for a big change but we don’t want to say anything just yet 🙂 in a month time we will know if things will work out for sure 😉 and we’ll happily share the great news 🙂

Interview with team Slowinski
"Cold Look" by MK Slowinski

Q: You are based in Ireland. How popular you are there?

A: After so many years in business we believe we have a very good reputation in the area. We don’t invest in marketing and 90% of our clients are from word of mouth 🙂 We are very proud of it! We are most popular for newborns and babies locally and it really means a lot to us that parents trust and rely on us completely, the only thing we need to work on is keeping the deadlines… Doing both, photoshoots and workshops gets really difficult and we are fearing we may need to come to a point where we’ll need to decide… One or the other… :-/

"Pink Bow" by MK Slowinski

Q: What percentage of your work is with clients vs. private projects?

A: If we talk about portraits only we would say 60% clients (including workshops) and 40% private projects

Team Slowinski
"Sisters" by MK Slowinski

Q: What do you think how photography industry will look like and develop in the next 5-10 years?

A: technically we think Mirroless cameras will become much more popular, we will definitely get next generation Mirroless Nikon, we had a chance to play with Z6 on recent workshops <3 and love it! we are curious what new possibilities will it bring and what limits will it lift, regarding trends, i think it’s impossible to predict! With so many creative minds out there inspiring each other… Possibilities are just endless! 🙂 only time will show  🙂

Q: What were some of the most important things you found along the way in relation to the development of your photography?


We talk to a lot of people who are very talented but they have no support from their families/friends/or even their partner as a result they don’t believe in themselves and give up… We are lucky to have each other, we understand each other, we support each other…

Unless both of us feel down at the same time… But that rarely happens 🙂

We also think that if it is possible we try to remove any limits that equipment sets and we keep upgrading, trying new things! That’s what it’s all about! Noone was born superstar! Experiments with gear and resources are important, not necessarily by the manual 🙂 find your own way, explore! And be unique!

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king" by MKW Slowinski

Q: What moves you in life?

A:  Coffee! Strong Black with no sugar!

And then there’s will of creating!  That feeling when editing is done… And you actually like what you see 🙂 and if it’s liked by the community…. Oh Boy… 🙂 butterflies in stomach kind of sensation with goosebumps 🙂

MK SLowinski, Ireland
"Girl in the black" by Krzysztof Maria Slowinski‎

Q: The quote you live by is?

A: “Love and kindness are never wasted”

Maybe foolishly, we got in trouble many times by being kind to others, but we’ll get in such trouble many more time as without being kind to everyone we wouldn’t meet so many wonderful people…

Q: Can you share some of your favourite photographs from February Monthly Photo Contest at CPC Portrait Awards?

A: OMG! Hard to say! They are all so beautiful!

“Biggest eyes Girl” <- super cute!

“Gypsy Girl” <- very deep, painting like. Love it!

“Staying Home” <- always wanted to get shot through wet window… But always struggled with reflection loving this one

HONORABLE MENTION - "Biggest Eye Girl" by Patrycja Poterała, Poland
Child Photography
HONORABLE MENTION - "Gypsy girl" by Carola Kayen-Mouthaan, Netherlands
Interview MK SLowinski
HONORABLE MENTION - "Staying Home" by Lucia Staykov, Australia

Simplicity” and “Clara” we had a chance to meet Sylwia! This brave girl needs attention! She has lots of potential!

“Carolina” <- Great Model! Beautiful shot! Would love to see her again!  these eyes!

Sylwia Szymaniuk, Ireland
HONORABLE MENTION-"Clara" by Sylwia Szymaniuk, Ireland
Sylwia Szymaniuk, Ireland
HONORABLE MENTION-"Simplicity" by Sylwia Szymaniuk, Ireland
Interview with MK SLowinski
HONORABLE MENTION - "Carolina" by Marta Everest, Spain

“Lace collar” <- minimalistic, clean, pure Beautiful!

Kamila J Gruss! Loving surrealistic, original style! No need for a logo! You know who’s is it!  🙂

Slowinski interview
HONORABLE MENTION - "Lace collar" by Isa Bekaert, Belgium

“HYDRANGEA DREAM” OMG! MAGDALENA… THIS IS STRIKING SERIES! There’s so much through very little colour… Almost monochromatic… Great idea! Standing ovations here

Q: In your opinion, why photographers should participate in high-quality contests?

A: it’s a massive boost of confidence! Appreciation is always welcome especially in areas where there’s no real guidelines, where you do things to your own taste and until it’s noticed you never really know if it really is good or is it good just for you 🙂  we encourage everyone to take part!

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