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Interview with Linda de’Nobili from Italy – Winner in The Documentary & Street Category | B&W CHILD PHOTO COMPETITION 2015, Second Half

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Q: Dear Linda, first of all, we want to congratulate one more time for achieving incredible success on B&W CHILD PHOTO COMPETITION 2016!  You took the 1st place in the Documentary and Street Category! Did you expect this?

A: No. I didn’t…I’m very happy!

Q: Can you tell us more about your winning photograph “Little girl in the bathroom”?  What’s the story behind this photograph?

A: I was in Mandalay, a big and important city in Myanmar. After a day in a Buddhist Monastery where I took some photographs, I was relaxing in a shop when suddenly, behind a curtain, I saw a nice girl. Everything was perfect: light, objects, her movement and her posture…..so, I asked her permission and photographed her.  It was a sudden, unexpected discovery. She was the owner’s daughter. She helped her parents in the shop after school.

Interview with Linda de'Nobili

“A little girl in the bathroom by Linda de’Nobili – 1st Place In The Documentary & Street Category | B&W CHILD 2015, Second Half


Q: Can you tell us more about you? How old are you? Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

A: I’m 59 and I grew up in Rome where I also live today.

little Asian boy with his cat

“A child with his cat” by Linda de’Nobili – Nominee in The Portraitt Category | B&W CHILD 2015, Second Half


Q: We assume you love travel since you are doing mostly documentary photography? What’s your favorite place?

A: I love Africa but I’m discovering other countries.

Q: How do you finance your travels?

A: By myself.

orphan in Asia

“A little orphan” by Linda de’Nobili – Nominee in The Portrait Category | B&W CHILD 2015, Second Half


Q: Do you sell fine art prints or digital files? Where?

A: I sell my digital files to magazines, but it’snot easy.

Portrait of African tribe

Q:Who are some photographers that you admire?

A: Marc Asnin, Anders Petersen, Mary Ellen Mark, Jim Goldberg, Nan Goldin etc.

Q: What inspires you?

A: It depends…..I’m mainly inspired by stories, but also by lights, colours, places.

African people washing their hands in the rain


Q: Where did you learn photography? Do you have a formal education in photography?

A: I learned photography in various schools; actually I’m with Lina Pallotta. There’s always something to learn. I started late as a professional photographer.

Q: How long have you been a photographer?

A: For 12, 13 years.

Massses of people laying on the beach


Q: What equipment do you use?

A: I use Nikon Df, lens 35mm and Olympus E MD1, lens 12/40

Q: What’s your favorite lens?

A: 35mm.

Documentary photography


Q: What kind of tools do you use for post processing? Can you explain your work flow?

A: I use Photoshop to correct lights, shadows, sharpness, etc…but I’m not particularly good with it and so I often have this job done by a trusted person.

Interview with Italian photographer LindaLinda de'Nobili

Q: How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

A: Through a lot of practice and the study of my and other photographers’s work.

African rituals

Q: What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

A: To know good teachers.

Interview with Linda de'Nobili

Q: How do you know you made a good photograph? Do you ever get any inner sensation and simply know “this is it”?

A: Not usually, but it has happened. Sometimes, on the contrary, I like very much a photo that it’s not appreciated, and vice versa.

Interview with Italian documentary photographer Linda de'Nobili

Q: In your opinion, why is so important for photographers to enter quality photography competitions?

A: It is important to measure one selves with other photographers’s work, and naturally to be known….but it’s also important to get involved.

Interview with Linda de'Nobili

Q: What do you think about entries and in The Second Half of B&W CHILD , Second Half you also took part in it?

A: I saw great photos.

Linda de'Nobili Photography

Q: Your favorite photography quote?

A: If your photographs aren’t good enough, you are not close enough.

Doll vs doll

Q: What would be your message to other photographers?

A: It’s very important to study and to understand what we want to communicate to the others.


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