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Interview with Ekaterina Vedenina from Russia – 1st Place in The portrait Category at B&W CHILD 2016 Photo Competition, Second Half

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Q: Hi, Ekaterina! First of all, congratulations on Winning the 1st Place in The Portrait Category of B&W Child Photo Competition! Can you start off by telling us a little about yourself?

A:  Great news! Thank you so much!  Ok, I am a freelance documentary photographer, based in St. Petersburg. I graduated press photography at  St. Petersburg  Galperin Photofaculty of Journalist Union.  I used to photograph news and events for the local media, before the birth of my son.

documentary photography

Social and Documentary photography by Ekatarina Vedenina


Q: How do you feel like as the winner of the Portrait Category?

A:  I’m very glad to see my photograph as finalist.

Q: So, could you tell us the story behind your winning photograph?

This photograph was taken in Crimea.  We spent time in old hamlet house.  It was a sunny day and my friend’s kid woke up after a nap. She started playing with the curtains, waiting for her mom and i captured this beautiful candid moment.

The best photos in the portrait category

“Dancing with the curtains” by Vedenina Ekaterina, Russia


Q: How does your degree in journalistic affect your photography? Would you describe your approach to making art more documentary than pre-planned?

A:  It makes photography focused on real life situations. Ordinary incidents of daily life attract my attention. While shooting children I also have documentary approach. It is interesting to capture instant, candid moments of childhood.

Interview with Vedenina Ekaterina

Q: When did you start doing photography?

A:  About 8-9 years ago.

Real life situations captured by russian photographer Ekaterina Vedenina

Documentary photography by Ekaterina Vedenina

Q: Do you participate regularly on photography competitions?

A:  Not often, maybe twice a year.

Photos of children in rural Russia

Q: Why photographers you participate in high quality competitions?

A: I think, it is an excellent form of communication and information exchange.

Lifestyle and documentary child photography

Q: Where do you seek inspiration?

A: From nature,  paintings I see in museums, cinema and so on.

Q: What cameras and lenses can be found in your gear bag?

A:  Canon EOS, lenses  35 mm and 70 mm

Interview with portrait category winner at B&W CHILD 2016 Photo Competition

Q: How does one grow in photography? What are the steps that one must follow in order to become better photographer?

A:  It seems that each of us should find our own path, look around, be alert and aware, always study and practice photography.

Lifestyle child photography

Q: What is the best advice on photography you’ve ever received?

A:  Make photography with your feelings.

Q: If you hadn’t won the Portrait Category, who would have won it? What are your personal favorites from the B&W CHILD 2016 PHOTO COMPETITION?

A:  “Shadow boy” Monika Strzelecka, Poland

Russian photographer Ekaterina Vedenina




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    Fabulous work! Very inspiring. Congratulations x

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