Shallow Depth Of Field Winners, November 2013

We are proud and happy to announce that we got submission for this contest from all over the globe! We got submissions from: United States, Australia, Russia, United Kingdom, Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Kenya, Italy, France, Croatia, Egypt and Malta.

Winner of “Shallow Depth of Field” Photo Contest is Allison Christians, United States

Congratulations dear Alison!!!

Alison’s winning photograph will be featured as a cover image on our social media websites for the next 15 days and she will receive the most wonderful shout out in front of 20.000 Child Photo Competition followers on Twitter! Her winning photograph will be our home/greeting photograph on our website as well.

Please visit Alison’s website and send her some love!

Child Photo Competition Team love these photographs very much as well, so the Finalists are:
Aleksandar Budjevac , Serbia – Finalist
IMG_6085FE contest

Clare Kinsey, Australia – Finalist

Nele Tasane, Estonia – Finalist

Tamara Horvat, Poland – Finalist

Rebecca Hunter, United Kingdom – Finalist

Natasha Meyer, United States – Finalist

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